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Another Great Photoshoot!

Another Great Photoshoot!

Recently, we had a wonderful photo-shoot in Downtown Portland. It was a beautiful day, and the kids loved pulling on their crisp and new rain boots. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to create another successful shoot! 


April 02, 2017 by Benjamin Brewer
Boots & Friends

Boots & Friends

Nothing is more cool than wearing a stylish pair of rubber rain boots. No?

How about wearing a stylish pair of rain boots with your best friend. Yes!

From Owls and Unicorns, to Sharks and Dinosaurs, we're sure you and a friend will find a pair you'll love.

Sharing life's best moments with a friend is priceless. Lets build priceless memories, one pair of boots at a time.



March 15, 2017 by Benjamin Brewer
Splash! Would you expect anything else?

Splash! Would you expect anything else?

You buy them.

They put them on.

They run outside, and you know exactly where they are headed. 

You cringe a little as you see them make the leap. 

Then.... SPLASH! Glee and shrieks of gladness ensue. 

You feel relief as you remember that Timbee Rubber Rain Boots are MADE for such "fantastical" life moments. Are you a little jealous?

Might be time to get your own pair. 


March 01, 2017 by Benjamin Brewer